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Car Window Tint serves as protection of Family Health, Safety, Skin Cancer Prevention, Aesthetic Appeal, Interior Longevity, and is Eco Friendly

For high-quality car window tint installation in Powell, Dublin, Delaware and Columbus Ohio, with the best in value, performance, and appearance, contact Premier.

Premier uses the Excel Series film made in the USA by American Standard Window Film. The Excel Series is a non-reflective, 1.5 mil 2 ply black color stable dyed film, that is the most durable choice for a lifetime. This window tint film provides; Excellent Optical Clarity, Durable Scratch Resistant Coating, Solar Control, Heat Rejection, and Blocks 99% Ultraviolet Rays.

Some of the safety benefits of our window tinting service are:
• Acts as reinforcement for glass and assists in holding the glass pieces together in an instance of breakage.
• Helps in protecting skin membranes of your family and you from direct heat and light from the sun.
• Assists in protection of your family and you from glare, fatigue and eye strains.
• Window film helps the environment by keeping your car cool, using less air conditioning during the summer    months, thereby useing less fuel.

By tinting your windows with Premier, you are assured of a new look that will give your car both style and appeal. You will also be increasing the safety and life-span of the interior of your car, by reducing the heat from the sun's penetration which damages car dash panels, cracks leather upholstery, fades fabric, and paint.

Call Premier now at 614.806.9633 or contact us through our website HERE to schedule a window tinting appointment, for pricing, or further information.  Contact us today!

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Car Window Tint Percentages That We Offer At Premier

Window tint percentages

Visible Light Reference
Solar Energy
Ply Thickness
Interior Exterior
5 7% 48% 11% 99% 1.5mil  2 ply 5% 5%
20 22% 40% 11% 99% 1.5mil  2 ply 5% 5%
35 35% 37% 11% 99% 1.5mil  2 ply 5% 5%
50 50% 35% 11% 99% 1.5mil  2 ply 5% 5%
Car window tint Powell Ohio Thorough-Meticulous Professional Window Tint Service

Whether you want car window tint for safety, for style, to protect your interior, or to make sunny day travels more comfortable, we have the solution for you! Keep your car cool as well as improving its inside and outside appearance. Let Premier Pro Detailing handle all of your auto window tinting needs!

You've come to know the excellent award-winning service of our car detaling, now let us provide that same professional service for your car's window tint.

Phone us now at 614.806.9633 for a pricing quote, to schedule an appointment, or to obtain information regarding our professional window tinting service.





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